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Ohr Israel unites, educates and bonds families and young adults in Toronto using relevant Torah message, social events and programming.

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Rabbi Israel Yakobov
is the spiritual leader of the Bukharian Community at Kehila Center since 2013. By the age of 19, he had proven himself to be a dynamic lecturer, gathering huge crowds on a weekly basis. He’s studied Torah in New York and Israel for many years. Teaching in Hebrew, Russian and English, he has been actively involved in singles, couples, and families’ lives, young and old, and helping making their lives that much greater. His YouTube videos have over 120,000 views.


To spread the light and wisdom of our greatest Jewish heritage – our Torah – all over Toronto and the world.

We connect people to existing Jewish programs in Toronto and create lectures when there is a need.

Every member of our community should be engaged: men, women, singles, couples, teens, and children. Now, we are reaching out to the greater Jewish world. with tremendous success.

We inspire, motivate and elevate every Jew to build healthy families and a better future for our children, and to battle assimilation. We, the Jews, have inherited the GREATEST wisdom of the ENTIRE WORLD. This wisdom guides our path towards what’s most important in our lives – our families and our selves.

Our goal is to strengthen our Jewish core! Ohr Israel will help people discover who we truly are, and what we aspire to become! The lectures we direct people to give clarity on how to thrive in the 21st century and how to create a harmonious Jewish life, that we can be proud of!


Ohr Israel was founded by Rabbi Israel Yakobov in 2017. The organization was named in the memory of his grandfather, Israel with its goal,  to unite and strengthen Jews in Toronto and all over the world. Over the past 5 years, one off events, weekly melaveh malkas, bi-weekly women’s classes, Friday night dinners, and learning programs were happening with lots of great feedback.

The success of these programs, as well as that of Rabbi Yakobov’s lectures in Hebrew, English and Russian on our YouTube channel showed us that we must make these efforts even stronger. That is when Ohr Israel was born.