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Ohr Israel unites, educates and bonds families and young adults in Toronto using relevant Torah message, social events and programming.

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To spread the light and wisdom of our greatest Jewish heritage – our Torah – to communities we live in. Inspire, motivate and elevate every Jew to build healthy families and a better future for our children, and to battle assimilation.

We, the Jews, have inherited the GREATEST wisdom of the ENTIRE WORLD. This wisdom guides our path towards what’s most important in our lives – children and future.

We all want our children to grow up the best they can become. We want them to to get an education and remain on the path of Jewish knowledge and tradition as well as foster strong family values so that you and they can succeed in life.

We also want our teenagers to respect you – the parent. And you, the teen/young adult, want an awesome and successful life.

We work on helping you grow, elevate, unite and bring families and friends closer together.

Our goal in Ohr Israel is to strengthen our Jewish core!

Ohr Israel will help us discover who we truly are, and what we aspire to become!

The programs which we offer will give us much clarity on how to thrive in the 21st century and how to create a Jewish home full of marital harmony, as well as how to raise our children and make Judaism something we have pride in!


Ohr Israel was founded by Rabbi Israel Yakobov in 2017. Its main goal is to unite and strengthen family and friend relationships and grow as the Jewish Community of the millennia. We know that together we are stronger.

Over the past 5 years, we have been holding weekly melaveh malkas, bi-weekly women’s classes, Friday night dinners, learning programs, and workshops for couples.

We’ve engaged every member of our community: women, men, singles, couples, teenages, and children. Now, we are reaching out to the greater Jewish world.

Rabbi Yakobov’s lectures have been featured in Hebrew, English and Russian on our YouTube channel with tremendous success.